Ms. Fish Hooked on Snider

Ms. Fish Hooked on Snider by Zoe Freiburger

There is no such thing as a typical day in the library, according to Snider’s new librarian, Ms. Amy Fish.

“It’s like an awesome, controlled chaos,” said Ms. Fish, whose average days send her all over the library and school. She also stays busy performing tasks that are not expected of a typical librarian.

Focusing time on helping everyone “find a place” through books, technology and the makerspace, as well as giving the library a caring and welcoming vibe, are some of Ms. Fish’s goals for the school year.

Although the makerspace is not new, Ms. Fish would like to reach a larger number of students by starting morning makerspace sessions, which will offer activities including origami, bookmark making, coding basic robotics and other tech-related activities. Ms. Fish hopes to make the makerspace more than “just for fun.” She also intends to make it a caring and connected activity.

Students will be able to participate in a new reading campaign created by Ms. Fish, called “Read Woke.” This program was created to help students broaden their horizons and become informed of the world around them. She hopes that students will be able to learn about different cultures and “unknown things from the past” that they might not have previously pursued.

In addition to other changes, several new books are being purchased to help fill empty shelves. This includes the expansion of genres including poetry and sports. Students can expect to see more adult fiction novels, including Radium Girls. Old classics, such as To Kill A Mockingbird, a favorite of Ms. Fish, will still be available.

From the start of her career, Ms. Fish knew she wanted to work with kids. Formerly working as a special education teacher, she realized she couldn’t connect with and reach students the way she wanted to as a teacher.

Ms. Fish saw the impact of students not being able to check out books because of late fees, which further encouraged her to become a school librarian. She has worked at all levels, from elementary to high school, and she worked with principal Mr. Hissong at Elmhurst High School.

Most recently, Ms. Fish coordinated all FWCS schools’ libraries in the district. This work included helping to renovate Snider’s library, and helping schools set up and develop their makerspace. However, Ms. Fish missed working with kids directly, and jumped on the opportunity to work at Snider following a recommendation from her good friend, Ms. Lori Heiges, Snider’s former librarian.

Ms. Fish enjoys working at Snider and her favorite aspect of the job is interacting with kids who, she said, are some of the friendliest she has ever met.

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