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Lilly Grant Student to Attend Butler

Lilly Grant Student to Attend Butler by Hannah Hubley

The life of Julia Jorgensen has been a long, difficult journey. However, she has managed to keep her grades up and win the Lilly Scholarship.  

By third grade, she was doing laundry and caring for her little sister. This did not stop her from succeeding in school.  

In fact, she considers her teachers as role models. She appreciates that they can teach her things that apply beyond the classroom. 

“I think the most powerful thing you can do,” Jorgensen said, “is to influence others.” 

Although she loves all her teachers, Mr. Mark Matson is her favorite. He teaches a class she loves and also supports her when she is going through hard times rather than disciplining her. He allows her to rant or sit quietly and think when she needs it.  

“Well, she was always extremely bright,” Mr. Matson said, “but she had a lot of hurdles to overcome as a sophomore, so there was a bunch of peaks and valleys, and I could tell that she had some difficulties outside of school that she was trying to overcome. She never gave up and her success in school has helped empower her and has allowed her to overcome the adversity that she faced…Her fire never went out.”  

Eventually, Jorgensen learned of the Lilly Scholarship through her guidance counselor. It is a full-ride scholarship to any public or private Indiana college, which covers both tuition and textbook fees.  

She filled out the application and wrote two essays. Her grades and her financial situation were examined and she was chosen to receive the scholarship. 

Jorgensen is recognized at the FWCS board meeting.

Mr. Matson said, “Now she is going off to college to pursue a science career and I am very proud that I played a small role in her success.”

Jorgensen chose to attend Butler University in Indianapolis, where she plans to major in biochemistry, then enroll in the Physician’s Assistant Program at Butler. She plans to be a physician assistant in a psychiatric care center.

She plans to earn her PhD in psychology and open her own practice. She wants to create an inpatient facility for children who need psychological help. 

In her spare time, Jorgensen enjoys playing softball. She used to play volleyball, but she quit because she had to take on two jobs. 

Softball is important to her. She says it allows her to create amazing relationships with her teammates and their families.  

Jorgensen said, “The teams have really taken me under their wing since I was young, like really young. We have played together since elementary school. It has really given me a big family besides Snider softball.”  

Jorgensen loves all her softball friends, but Haley Congdon, along with her family, is special to her. She and Congdon have played softball together since the fourth grade. Haley and her family have waited with her for a ride home or taken her home after games, packed her lunch without her even asking and have been supportive and loving all the way. 

Congdon said, “I love Julia. We grew up together and played softball together since fourth grade, and we’ve just always been close. I know that whenever I have an issue, I know I can go to her, and she’ll give me a straightforward answer, but also tell me what I need to hear.” 

Besides softball, Jorgensen enjoys weight-lifting and working out in her spare time. She enjoys it because she can put work into it and see results and it is great exercise. Quality time with the people she is close with is important to her.   

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