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Students Revive School Spirit with Spirit Squad

Students Revive School Spirit with Spirit Squad by Travis Smothermon

Throughout the history of Snider athletics, the student section has always been a defining aspect of Snider culture. This year, the student section has been reimagined in the form of the Snider Spirit Squad. This group of about 200 Panthers cheer on teams and support school activities. With the help of Principal Mr. Chad Hissong, the squad plans to tailgate before football games and lead various festivities.

This is a unique feature of Snider, as no other FWCS schools tailgate before games. This further solidifies Snider pride and a sense of distinction from other schools.

“We want to bring back old traditions,” senior Hannah Mosher said, “as well as start new ones.”

The idea for the Spirit Squad started last year when two enthusiastic students wanted to know the rules and regulations of no-shirting and tank-topping for the upcoming football season. In years past, the groups were not connected with each other. Mr. Hissong proposed a new club that would combine both groups with the student section, and the Spirit Squad was born.

“Mr. Hissong suggested the idea,” Mosher said, “and we committed ourselves to making it a reality.”

The Spirit Squad is a new concept at Snider. The leaders and staff are already focusing on ideas for next year and determining how the process of nominating new leaders will work. At this point it has been determined that volunteers from each grade level  will be voted on by their  classmates. The leaders of the cheer team and no-shirters will also be a part of the administrative board of seniors.

Requirements for next year are subject to change, but they clearly show the commitment the staff and students have toward keeping the spirit squad flourishing for years to come.

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