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Panthers Pause 2.0

Panthers Pause 2.0 by Ashlee Witte and Sanda Win

In the near future, students should expect to see themselves broadcasted in a student-made televised project.

Fourteen years ago, Panthers Pause was canceled, only to be brought back over a decade later at the prompting of Principal Chad Hissong. Now, Panthers Pause 2.0 advisor, Mr. Mark Guitard, is enthusiastic to once again be leading the program.

The basic premise of the class is to provide students with the skills to produce broadcast news. The students plan to create videos featuring the daily life of the Snider High School community, focusing on clubs, activities and sports. The program will upgrade the daily announcements by adding a visual element.

Mr. Guitard said the goal is to provide “community information” and give “student recognition.”

Panthers Pause was started in 1982 and later handed over to Mr. Guitard in 1995, where he remained as head of the program until it was cancelled in 2004. He hopes to see the program flourish as it had before.

The class has a history of success, as evidenced by Mr. Guitard’s former students who have pursued broadcasting careers.

Currently, the class is learning to operate a camera and develop professional editing skills to assist them in producing news. The equipment used in the class is professional media industry quality, making for easy transition into future internships and eventually, the workforce.

Student Cole Trammell plans to be the Panthers Pause 2.0 sports anchor. He will provide insight on the games.

Trammell said he is “very excited to see how this production will play out.”

Trammell practices his editing skills in the computer lab.

Another student in Panthers Pause 2.0, Paris Drew, enjoys the class and the ability to work with an editing program. Drew has high hopes for the program.

September 7th is the tentative date set for the first official Panthers Pause 2.0 broadcast. When asked how he thinks the student body will receive the show, Mr. Guitard had a positive outlook.

“They’re going to love it,” he said. “They always did in the past.”

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