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Findley Review: IGOR by Stuart Findley

Findley Review: IGOR by Stuart Findley

Early this month on the 17th rapper “Tyler, The Creator” released his much-anticipated full-length album “IGOR.” This is the fifth studio album by one of the most polarizing and dynamic hip-hop artists/producers of this generation of music.

IGOR’s release follows a two-year long drought of content from the Los Angeles rapper, after his most critically acclaimed record “Flower Boy” released in July 2017. Tyler Okonma’s career was spawned from his 2011 LP “Goblin,” for the first time displaying his raunchy and provocative attitude in his lyrics coupled with veteran producers to create this award-winning debut record and Okonma’s second project “Wolf” gave us much of the same. IGOR presents us with a much less childish undertone than his early projects, all the while maintaining his independent and unprecedented creativity in music and art alike. IGOR debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and received widespread critical acclaim during its launch week. Okonma is scheduled to perform at “Firefly Music Festival 2019” happening in Dover, Delaware in June from the 21st through the 23rd.

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