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TV Shows to Binge Watch

TV Shows to Binge Watch By Sanda Win and Alysha Baker

Adventure Time (Completed Animated Series)

The show of your childhood, FINISHED! “Adventure Time” sadly ended on September 3, 2018, but it ended with contentment and satisfaction, rather than disbelief and confusion. “Adventure Time” is about a teen and his shape shifting dog who work together to solve daily problems. The show is upbeat but deals with an underlying problem that is later resolved at the end to the show. Watch “Adventure Time” to find the big problem and see how it is unraveled. This show will bring out your inner child and quench your need for adventure. Binge watch “Adventure Time” today with your friends and family, without a wait.

Stranger Things (Suspense)

The highly recommended Netflix original series, “Stranger Things,” is ready to come back during the year of 2019! Here’s the issue, it’s only 2018. To get ready for the new season, re-watch the previous seasons for a refresh or get your friends to finally watch the show.  “Stranger Things” is a satisfying mix of horror and fantasy, with a twist of drama. A young boy disappears from his home and it’s up to a police chief, his three friends, and a mysterious girl with supernatural powers to find him.

Luke Cage (Action)

Did you wonder what Luke Cage was doing while Infinity War was going on? Find out by watching the action filled, drama/crime series. Luke Cage isn’t your stereotypical superhero, he is an escaped convict, with super strength and unbreakable skin, hiding in the slums of Harlem, New York.

Voltron: Legendary Defender (Cartoon)

Do you love cartoons? Do you just want a show about giant robots in space? “Voltron Legendary Defender” is the show for you. The show may be a reboot of the 80’s show “Voltron,” but it does not fail in providing a thrilling action-packed series. Join five paladins, a princess and her royal advisor, as they go against the tyrant ruler, Zarkon and his galra force. Watch as they defend the universe by uniting to form Voltron, the robot with the only power to defeat the galra force.

Jane the Virgin (Dramatic Comedy)

 “Jane the Virgin” is coming back for season 5, the bad news is it’s ending after season 5. The show is about a teen mother who didn’t want to repeat her mother’s mistakes. She is studying in school to become a teacher and has a wonderful boyfriend. In other words, her life is on track. However, when she goes to the doctor’s office, her whole life gets turned around. The show is a comedy with a well-thought-out plot.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Sitcom Cop Show)

Do you want to watch a cop show without all the drama? “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is the perfect show to binge watch with a friend or by yourself. The show provides the thrilling suspense and action of a regular cop show, but with a comedic take. Each episode begins with a short segment that will surely make you laugh. As the series continues, it takes on an underlining problem that is later resolved toward the end of the season. “Brooklyn nine-nine” will easily become one of your favorite shows.

Dragon Prince (New Cartoon)

Check out this brand-new Netflix original, “Dragon Prince.” Two princes flee the palace with an enemy, an elfin, to stop the ongoing war between their lands. It’s an action-packed animated fantasy with easily loveable characters for everyone to enjoy.

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