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Column: Why I’m a Republican and Why I Support President Trump

By  Matthew Stachler 

Given the choice of being associated with elephants or donkeys, which one would you pick? 

If you said elephant, welcome to the Republican Party, the party of the strong and mighty elephant. If you said donkey, I’m sorry for you and you must have missed a right turn somewhere. 

Currently Republicans are portrayed in the media and in the public view as being in the minority, and are perceived as racist bigots who have no moral values. As a high school senior, I have seen first-hand the way Republicans, especially Republican youth, can be treated. 

As president of the Allen County Teenage Republicans, I work to engage local teens in getting involved in politics and learning about the Republican Party through volunteering, listening and serving the party and the community. Our goal is to develop the next generation of Republican leaders.  

We are not racist bigots and we have strong moral principles. The Republican Party was founded as the anti-slavery party at the time of President Abraham Lincoln and throughout history has supported civil rights movements, including abolishing slavery, allowing minorities to vote and supporting the women’s suffrage movement. 

Republicans are known for their core values of adhering to Christian principles, staying true to family values and  working hard to meet their goals. They are known for their strong sense of patriotism, love of country and conservatism.  

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, I think we can all agree that having youth involved in politics and political parties is a great idea. After all, we are the next generation of voters, and understanding politics and the issues at a young age will better educate us for voting in future elections.  

At 18, I have already worked for a variety of campaigns, from local races to congressional and U.S. Senate campaigns. I have interned for the Indiana Republican Party and have had several opportunities to network and connect with some of our state’s and nation’s top leaders in government and the Republican Party. 

Okay, now for the question everyone likes to ask. 

“Why Trump? How can you support a president like Donald Trump? He’s not like past Republican presidents and politicians.” 

Yes, you’re right. And that is why I support the President. President Trump may not be the most presidential person in the role he was elected to, but he’s different from past politicians and presidents who don’t keep their promises. And he is shaking up Washington for the better. 

Unemployment is low, the economy has been is great shape under the Trump Administration, border-security and the military have been made priorities under this administration. President Trump negotiated the historic USMCA trade deal between Mexico, Canada and the United States, and has been the most pro-life president we’ve had in a long time. 

As much as the media says otherwise, I truly believe President Trump cares greatly for our nation and for all the people in it. Sure, he has his own style and way of showing it, but his policies and the way he runs our government show that he has our best interest at heart. 

The party of Lincoln and Reagan is strong and is doing what is best for our country and its people. 

In short, I’m a Republican and support the president and the Republican Party because they best encompass my values and principles, and they are implementing policies I believe have put America on the best track.  

And besides, who would rather be associated with a party of donkeys? Sorry, Barack Obama. 

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