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On being a Triplet By Allie Stachler

On Being a Triplet by Allie Stachler

The life of being a triplet can be quite unique, yet ordinary. As triplets, we experience everything together in a unique dynamic. We learned how to walk and talk together, how to ride bikes together and how to drive together. I have built-in best friends for life as well as study partners for our high school years.

While many may see us as one, we all have our own interests and personalities. For instance, we are about to be seniors taking on different colleges and different majors. We all share an unbreakable bond because we experience both the happy and sad times of life together as one.  

Although being triplets may seem fantastic, there are some disadvantages. Many people assume we have a specific label to our personalities and bombard us with silly questions. For example, we are always asked who is the smartest, who is the oldest/youngest, and unfortunately, if we have telepathy. Being a triplet has its ups and downs, but I am grateful for this unusual experience. 

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