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Blown Away

Have you heard about the latest craze? Everyone and their second cousin is vaping! What’s a vape, you ask? Well, vaping is a brand-new alternative to the old, stinky and smelly cigarette! This cigarette is different though! It’s electronic! This modern day and age are hooked on electronics so we might as well make it trendier and cooler, right?  

Ranging from as young as middle school age to upper adulthood, people are becoming hooked on e-cigarettes and the “interesting” flavors they offer consumers. The newer e-cigarette, capable of causing severe lung disease, seems like an amazing idea, right? Well, considering the myriad of health issues vaping and e-cigarettes flood consumers with, it is hard to say no.  

It has been nearly 2 decades since a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik first invented the e-cigarette, which was created to be a “safer and cleaner way to inhale nicotine.” The irony of the e-cigarettes claims to be safe and clean is uncanny.  

E-cigarettes and other methods of vaping have damages comparable to chemical burns. The top e-juice flavors range from “blue razz lemonade” to “coffee” with flavors as tempting as “lava flow”, many are getting into the flow of potential lung damage. Doesn’t that sound SO appealing? How about the current death toll of 33 lives? If that isn’t just enough to convince you to drop on average $20-$40 for the latest vaping device, maybe the addictive and harmful cancer-causing chemicals will. 

Many people look at vaping products and think, “what’s the worst that could happen,” or “I couldn’t possibly suffer from long term health issues”. The truth is you most certainly can. The FDA has not even approved most vaping products for these reasons. Not only that, but by vaping you’re forming an unhealthy obsession on something unsafe, with long term effects that are not well known. If that sounds ideal to you, go ahead and vape!  

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