Snider Thanks Custodial Staff

Snider Thanks Custodial Staff by The Editorial Board

Obstacles have the tendency to encroach into our daily tasks and create a road block in our routines. Perhaps one day you accidentally lock your keys in your car, get a flat tire or wake up late. While these mishaps can easily ruin part of our day, there are blessings thrown at us as well. The custodial staff at Snider High School blesses us with a clean environment and helps make every day go smoothly.

Every morning during the harsh winter season trembling teenagers and teachers never struggle to run away from the wind biting at their cheeks because the custodial staff always pours salt over mother nature’s make-shift ice rink: the parking lot. Once the students arrive, they are greeted by a chirpy “good morning” by a custodian who is helping dry up the wet floors to ensure our safety.

Occasionally, custodians will encounter a student with a project modeling an emergency room that’s just about as tall as them. Instead of simply wondering why they’re carrying such a big piece of cardboard and moving on with their day, the custodians aid in carrying projects like these.  

At times, the restrooms face a dearth in toilet paper, leading students to have to wander all around the school to find a stocked stall. With just one notice of low supplies, the custodians come to the rescue and fill up the dispensers. In addition to refilling toilet paper, the janitors work every day to keep the restrooms flood-free and spotless.

Although their jobs may be tedious, members of the custodial staff always show up with bright smiles and positive energy. Every time we see our men and women in blue, let’s show them gratitude for all the rigorous work they put in to making Snider High School a clean, warm environment.   

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