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Connor Mihavics Earns Sixteenth Place at State Meet

Connor Mihavics Earns Sixteenth Place at State Meet by Dani Fulkerson

Junior Connor Mihavics advanced to the Boys Swim and Dive State Tournament at the IUPUI Natatorium. He claimed his spot at state after earning third place at Fort Wayne’s South Side Natatorium for sectionals and seventh place at Fishers High School Natatorium where he competed at regionals.

Mihavics, the only Fort Wayne diver to advance to the state tournament this season, earned sixteenth place, progressing past all cut offs. He is the first diver from Snider to qualify for state since 2007 and earned an overall score of 389.30.  

Mihavics finishes a dive at State.

The state diver has dove for four years, competing on various club diving teams, high school team seasons and summer dive team seasons. He began diving after meeting his previous assistant coach, Jimmy Dresser, at a pool.  

Advancing to state was a major goal for Mihavics because he has been working to beat various high scores and achievements, many of which have been held by Dresser, Mihavic’s dive inspiration, since he first began diving. 

Dresser previously held Snider’s high score for a meet which Mihavics beat this year at the Snider versus South Side meet. 

Although Mihavics has been accumulating a list of goals he has accomplished this season, he was still surprised he progressed as far as he did at the state competition.  

“I wasn’t too worried about the first cut,” he admitted, “but by the second cut I felt the pressure.” 

Besides his full practice schedule, Mihavics mentally prepared for the state meet by maintaining a high level of self-assurance in his diving ability without having high expectations. 

Mihavics practiced two days a week for an hour and a half during club season, about two hours every school day during the Snider dive season, and one hour every day during the summer dive season. 

In addition to his current practice routine, Mihavics said he “definitely” wants to continue diving in the future. Although college diving is an option, he admits he would only want to dive in college if the school he will attend has an “established dive team.” He does consider coaching in the future, however.  

Although Mihavics holds the current school diving record, he still finds certain dives challenging and believes there is still room left for self-improvement. 

His most challenging dive is a forward triple flip. 

 He said, “Getting all three rotations in is hard. It’s difficult to keep your body from over-rotating.” 

He accomplishes the dive by maintaining a “comfortable understanding of where [his] body is during the flips.” 

The “energetic nature” of the forward triple flip helped to intensify the mood at the boys state dive competition. Mihavics noted that the atmosphere was exciting and the Snider crowd was “extremely happy.”  

Despite the hectic atmosphere at state, Mihavics says he did not face any mental blocks. He said he never has gone through any mental blocks in his entire diving career and he achieves this driven state-of-mind by “pushing and pushing” himself toward his goals.  

Now that the 2019 Snider dive season is over, Mihavics is “filled with emotion.” One challenge he faced at state, however, was not letting himself think about the end of the season and focus instead on making his community proud.  

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