Staff Editorial: Bring Back Nutrition and Wellness

Most students enjoy classes that contain information that they can apply to their lives when they are on their own. Classes that provide tips on how to handle money and save it, or classes about how voting works during an election. Nutrition and Wellness is a class that teaches students how to cook different foods and how to do it safely. This class is helpful to students, this being due to the fact that every student will most likely have to cook at some point in their life. This class was, however, removed as an option for an elective, but many students disagree with the decision.

A class of seniors had a chance to weigh in on the topic, these seniors having had the opportunity to take the class their freshman year. When asked whether or not the class should be brought back as an elective, the vast majority of the class responded saying it should be. Many students had a good experience learning to cook for themselves. A class that not only teaches the basics of cooking, an important skill, but also allows students to get hands-on experience is a class many believe freshmen should take. 

Students always gravitate towards classes that teach them things they could see themselves thinking back on in the future. Classes that teach them ways to solve problems they know they will have to face in their adult lives. Nutrition and Wellness was and still should be one of those classes.

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