Staff Editorial: How to Fix Homecoming

Homecoming week is around the corner, but it’s not the same when your dad’s man cave is literally around the corner.

The teacher nominees have been selected and it has been rumored that Mr. McVey has already started planning his campaign. Students aren’t at school every day, which means that they can really only participate for 2 of the theme days rather than 5, and this doesn’t make for a very exciting homecoming week. Dressing up as a tourist or being covered from head-to-toe in black and gold is not the same when people are locked up in their house all day.

A solution to this very underwhelming spirit week would be to extend it to two weeks. When students are in school they can participate in the theme for that day, and when they are home they can continue to participate in the pajama days as usual. Four themes could be selected and then repeated the following day for the students in group 2. This would create the opportunity for everyone to have fun with homecoming week for more than just two days.

In order to make the best of this situation people need to either go big or stay home!  

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