Staff Editorial: Property Damage from Protests

During quarantine the two main things that covered the news were COVID-19 and protests. One of the most controversial topics with the protests was the property that was damaged, stolen, burned or vandalized. 

Some argue that these acts were justified because it is the only way to catch the attention of the government, but what about the people on the receiving end of this? Why was it okay to break the windows of cars and businesses that were downtown? 

Many people lost their life’s work because people decided to burn their businesses down that took them years and all their savings to build. Some businesses will never be opened again because the owner does not have the money to rebuild and start over.

The damage caused during these protests was unnecessary. These were supposed to be nonviolent protests; however, any physical force that is intended to damage something is the definition of violence. These actions drew away from the true purpose of the protests. Black Lives Matter, but torching people’s dreams is not the way to go about bringing change.

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