Staff Editorial: The Power of Online Learning

Some people are viewing the current social distancing period as an extended spring break, a time where they can relax and forget about their responsibilities, particularly those involving school. However, the truth is quite the opposite; it’s more important now than ever before to keep up on classwork. 

Even though our prolonged absence means we cannot have daily, in-person classes, many teachers have been posting notes and practice work to PowerSchool, a portal that can be accessed through the FWCS website or by searching for “FWCS PowerSchool” on Google. Students log in using the email and password attached to their Office 365 account. 

PowerSchool is a helpful resource for those trying to finish the school year on a high note. It’s a great way to communicate with teachers and classmates, and the assignments posted by teachers give students the opportunity to ensure that they are on track to pass the course at the end of the semester. 

Although PowerSchool assignments aren’t usually required since teachers can’t guarantee that all of their students have access to the website, it’s important for those who can access it to check in on a regular basis to make sure they are up-to-date on new information and classwork. 

Some teachers are using PowerSchool assignments as make-up grades for missing work from before break. Others are simply using the portal to post core material from their class’s curriculum.  

It’s especially important for AP students to check the website regularly as the College Board is beginning to offer online AP tests to be taken at home. Although these tests have been condensed, it is still important for students who are taking them to know the material that could appear on them. 

That’s not to say that non-AP students shouldn’t check PowerSchool; by keeping up with this year’s classes, you can reduce the risk of not grasping a topic in a future class that may build on the material of previous courses. 

As of the time of writing, it has not been announced if FWCS will remain closed beyond May 4. For now, enjoy your free preview of e-learning! 

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