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Who’s tardy, and what’s his policy?

By Kendyll Gebert

Snider has a new tardy policy. Do you know what it is? Neither do I. I didn’t know what the other one was either. I didn’t need to know because I’m on time. The tardy policy, whether it be old or new, is irrelevant to me and it should be to you as well. Sadly, there are an average of 30 students per class period who need to figure out what the tardy policy is so I’m going to help them out:

2017-18 Snider Attendance Policy Semester 2

Period 1: Attendance/Administrators

5 – Lunch duty/lunch detention/community service and phone call to parent

10 – AM ISS (periods 1-4) and parent phone call

15 – Full day ISS and parent phone call

Each additional five tardies will result in an office referral, full day ISS and parent phone call

Periods 2-7: Teachers

3 – Parent phone call and teacher assigned consequence (15 minute detention before school on M, W, or TH from 8:45am-9:00am

If student refuses to serve, the teacher will write a referral to student services and the student will be assigned (2) days of lunch duty with an administrator.

6 – Parent phone call and referral submitted to student services (lunch duty/detention/ community service will be assigned)

9 – Parent phone call and referral to student services (½ day ISS will be assigned)

12 – Parent phone call and referral to student services (full day ISS will be assigned)

*Each additional three tardies will result in a parent phone call and referral to student services (full day ISS will be assigned)*

Student services will run cumulative reports weekly (Tardy, Severe Tardy, Truant).

  • 30 total period attendance violations will result in loss of extracurricular activity attendance AND participation (athletic events, fine arts performances/competitions, dances, etc.)
  • Privileges may be reinstated with 20 consecutive days of perfect attendance.

Now that you know the policy, here are a few thoughts to persuade you to be on time:

  • There is no way that cute barista you saw at Starbuck’s works every day this week, so quit hanging out and hoping, and get to school.
  • Gossiping in the halls will do you no good. (The people who you’re gossiping about probably made it to class on time).
  • Surprisingly, going to class and learning for your future career would get you a lot more money than flipping coins will.
  • Contrary to what you might believe, English class  will not kill you, and you will see your best friend again. Say goodbye and get to class.
  • Right now skipping algebra might seem fine, but  you’ll need that math to calculate how many tardies you have.
  • You’ll get that extra sleep that leads to a visit to the tardy table when you’ve got a secure job, thanks to your education.


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