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Student Opinions on Halloween Attractions

By Emma Rohrbacher

If there’s one thing that teenagers love it’s Halloween, an excuse to eat candy, hang out with your friends and dress up in costumes. But one other major characteristic of Halloween in Fort Wayne is the haunted houses. Fort Wayne’s major spooky attractions are the Haunted Caste and Black Forest, The Hysterium Haunted Asylum, The Haunted Jail and The Haunted Hotel 13th Floor

This volume of haunted houses might seem like overkill, but clearly they’re doing something right. The Haunted Castle/Black Forest habeen in operation for more than 40 years, The Asylum has been named One of the Top Haunts by the Haunted Attraction AssociationThe Jail has been awarded USA Today’s 5th Ranked Haunted House in the Nation, and The Hotel has been serving spooks for 52 years.

So how do Snider students feel about these haunting attractions?

Freshman Chase Wennemar said, “Last year I went to the Haunted Jail and the Haunted Hotel. It was really fun.”  

Junior Olivia McGillicuddy found fear at another venue.

 “My favorite,” she said, Is the Black Forest. I go every year with my friends. Last year I think I went thretimes.”

Some students routinely visit more than one venue.

“I always go to the Haunted Castle and Black Forest on the first weekend that it opens, freshman Hailey Reckeweigh said.

However, if you are planning on venturing to one of these Spooktacular places this year, you might need to reconsiderLike everything in 2020, Halloween attractions will look different due to COVID-19. The Haunted Castle/Black Forest and the Haunted Hotel will not be opening at all for the 2020 season. The Asylum will enforce social distancing and will require masks for all visitors. In addition, they will only be operating at 50% capacityThe Jail mentions nothing on their website about how they’re dealing with COVID-19, or if they are enforcing any social distancing rules

Will COVID-19 make students reconsider going to a haunted house this year?

Since The Hotel is closed, obviously I can’t go there,” Wennemar said, but I will probably still go to The Jail.”

Reckeweigh isn’t going to let Covid-19 ruin her Halloween. 

Yeah I’kind of mad that I can’t go to the Castle or Forest this yearbut Im going to go to the Asylum instead,” she said.

Some students had a different perspective on the issue. 

McGillicuddy said, “I’m not going to any of these places this year, cause you know, pandemic.”

So, if you are on the fence about going to one of these attractions, stay home and save 10 bucks, cause you know, pandemic. 

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