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Super Bowl advertisement rankings

Every year the National Football League, NFL, puts on a spectacle like none other. Millions of people gather around their television screens to watch the biggest game of American football, or to watch the best ads to ever be aired on television.  

Let’s be honest. The best part of the game is always the ads. An ad in the game that can’t be named has put brands such as and Trivago on the map, and many well-known brands such as Bud Light and Doritos have increased their appeal through comedic sketches such as the infamous Puppy Monkey Baby commercial released by Mountain Dew Kickstart. 

The goal here is to rank the top ten commercials from this year’s game. This list is only going to take commercials that aired between the kick-off to the final moment of the fourth quarter, meaning any commercial from the pre and post-game show will not be included. Outside ads will not be included, only ads or series of ads displayed during the actual game will be ranked. 

Number 10 Hulu: “Tom Brady’s Big Announcement” 

Tom Brady’s announcement started off solemn as he thanked his coaches, family and friends. Brady had won last year’s big game, but this year his season wasn’t his best.  

The black and white filter and Brady walking up the entrance way to the field just lead viewers to believe that this was Brady’s goodbye. But it was not to be.  

Brady looked up and his before expression of remembrance turned to serious look as he said, “Hulu doesn’t just have live sports.” 

The viewing party I was at went wild, as presumably many other football fans did, thankful Brady wasn’t retiring. The ad then goes through the many things Hulu offers such as streaming TV shows and others things. But the memorable part only comes from the fact every viewer for a brief moment thought we were witnessing the end to a legend. 

Number 9 Mountain Dew: “As Good as the Original” 

It’s a safe bet a lot of people recognized this scene. A man walks down a hallway wielding a fire axe, chops through a door while a woman screams bloody murder.  The man chops a hole in the door, puts face to hole, and says “Here’s Johnny!” This scene is from the 1980 film, “The Shining.” 

Only that’s not what happened in Mountain Dew’s commercial. Everything was enacted in the same way, but something was off in the scenery. Throughout the ad there were oddly-placed adverts for Mountain Dew that obviously weren’t in the original movie. 

Nevertheless, the funniest part of this commercial is when the axe-wielding man gets through the door and offers the woman inside a refreshing Mountain Dew Zero, saying “It’s as good as the original,” referring to the pop and the new remake of “The Shining” to be released in late 2020. 

Number 8 Little Caesars: “Best Thing Since Sliced Bread” 

What is there to say about this commercial, it’s just a crazy journey of comedy brought to you in the most chaotic form possible. 

This was by far the best Little Caesars ad ever. Whenever I hear Little Caesar say his famous line “Pizza Pizza” I sigh in relief that this atrocious annoying ad is over. 

However, the ad presented during the NFL’s biggest game of 2020 was what Little Caesars should have been striving for all along.  

In the ad itself, Little Caesars announces they now have delivery, which I think is a slight nod to the fact their past commercial had the “cheesiest” ways of delivering their jokes. A man then says that Little Caesars having delivery was “better than sliced bread.” 

Hilarity ensues when the inventor of sliced bread starts to become unhinged and tries to create a new invention to top Little Caesars’ delivery.  

It is all to no success and the final moments of the commercial is the former sliced bread entrepreneur delivering a Little Caesars’ pizza. 

Funny, and the brand was well represented. Probably an easy way to get Little Caesars some momentum for their new service. 

Number 7 Amazon: “Before Alexa” 

This commercial starts with Ellen DeGeneres turning down the temperature of her house. Ellen then says to her wife, “What would we do without Alexa?” 

The commercial then goes through several scenarios often used by the Amazon Alexa but instead performed by humans. 

Such scenarios include a maid breaking a window to lower the temperature, a man using a glass jug to play music, which isn’t as pleasing to the ears, a jester telling a queen a rather unflattering joke and many more. 

The commercial ends when Ellen and her wife are in the car and tell the Alexa in their car to play them an Usher song. 

Funny, and you know who the ad is promoting. This was a successful advertisement in my eyes. 

Number 6 Procter & Gamble: “When We Come Together” 

The best way to explain this commercial is to say randomness. Proctor and Gamble used the craziness that is the internet to allow viewers to dictate what would happen during the commercial.   

“When We Come Together” starts with Sofia Vergara, the spokesperson of Head and Shoulders, throwing a giant chili-eating party. But there’s an accidental spill and the chili gets everywhere. This is where the where the internet comes in. 

Voted on by the viewers, a super buff Bounty Super Hero begins to hip-thrust bounty paper towels out to the partygoers while Mr. Clean mops the room to 90’s music, and the Charmin Ultra-strong bears are wiping themselves, and the Old Spice Man sprays the party with Old Spice deodorant so that they don’t smell like Chili. 

If that last paragraph seemed chaotic then I did my job in describing the ad “When We Come Together.” 

Number 5 Rocket Mortgage: “Be Comfortable in your Own Skin” 

This advertisement was by far the strangest. Memorable for this only factor it was only upon going back and rewatching the ad that I found the ad was made by Rocket Mortgage.  

The ad consists of Jason Momoa walking into his home and talking about how he was finally able to relieve himself. Momoa then took off his book shortening him by a noticeable amount but that’s normal for boots. The camera then follows him as he rips off his muscular arms which are now replaced by skinny arms that resemble actual twigs. The undressing doesn’t stop there as Momoa then removes his abs and pulls off his hair revealing he is partially bald.  

Odd but got people talking the ad worked to create a buzz but if only we had known who the ad was for the first time around. 

Number 4 Doritos: “Cool Ranch” 

Memorable for seeing Lil Nas X and Samuel Elliott having a dance off at high noon, and the fact that Elliott’s Mustache has more moves than either man combined, Doritos really tried on this commercial and it seemingly has succeeded, producing many conversations on who was the better dancer. 

 The commercial was a play on words for Doritos’ “new” cool ranch flavor as both parties were dancing to see who was cooler at an old western ranch. The two dance to X’s old town road, each busting out insanely agile moves that aren’t able to be done by most people, especially Elliot who has to be at least a hundred years old by this point. 

But if we’re being honest the only thing we want to see again from this commercial is Sam Elliot’s mustache be a backup dancer at next year’s big game. 

Number 3 Cheetos: “Can’t Touch This” 

For me having MC Hammer in an ad is an instant win in my mind. The commercial was funny and had a good sense of irony. 

A man is eating Cheetos and is asked to take something but can’t because he’d get all his cheeto dust all over the object. MC Hammer then pops out of nowhere and begins singing his hit Can’t Touch This.  

The ad then has the man being asked to do some random task but he can’t due to his cheeto condition, and MC Hammer popping in and out to deny the man’s pursuer.  

By the end the, song is engrained in your head and you can’t stop singing “Can’t Touch This” for the rest of the game. 

Number 2 “Budweiser: Typical American” 

America! That’s it. No special funny moment. This ad just played to the pathosof the patriotic American soul. 

The ad says many things that “Americans do” that are in a negative context, but the actions of the people juxtapose these words, as these “Typical Americans” are actually doing kind and thoughtful acts. 

From a man hugging police officers while the voice says “Typical Americans, have no respect for personal space,” to a solider coming and “intruding other people homes unannounced” hugging their father.  

This ad made my patriotic heart tingle with joy and served as a good reminder that there is still good in the world. 

Number 1 Tide: “Laundry Later” 

By far my favorite commercial was the Tide “Laundry Later” commercial. The premise was simple: a man got a stain on his shirt and wanted to wash it immediately to ensure the stain wouldn’t be permanent, but with the new Tide PODS, stains can be removed with ease.  

A woman then tells the man to do his laundry “later.” The rest of the commercial is the man popping up at different points of the imaginary “big game” asking if it’s later yet. 

The best part, however is throughout the actual game. The man would pop up in random commercials and moments and ask if it was later yet. This was an all-round funny commercial and the fact that it continued throughout the game just made it better. 

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