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No College For You!

Even if your only priorities are “gamedays” and “partying” like Lori Laughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli, you can still get into prestigious institutions like the University of Southern California. It’s simple. You just need three things.

Will and Harry’s Guide to Indiana

Soy, corn and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll see a cow. But before you come rushing in, city slicker, there’s a few you need to know. This is the safe traveler’s guide to Indiana. 

Will and Harry Describe McGovernment

Have you ever been at a McDonald’s and wanted ice cream? Have you ever been a government employee and wanted a paycheck? Well, both situations end in disappointment, frustration and lack of ice cream.

Will and Harry Interview a Ferret Representative

The government is shut down, and President Trump doesn’t seem to realize that by keeping the government shut down, he is putting more than 800,000 people out of work or without pay. All of this leads to one question: how is this affecting the nation’s ferrets? To find out, Will and Harry went straight to the source: Ferrets.

We’re Number One!

In a study done by the Auto Insurance center, out of every 100,000 fatal crashes in Indiana, 13 are caused just from road rage alone.  That means if you get in a car crash in Indiana, you have a 0.013% chance of getting beat to death afterward.