Embracers Club

Spotlight on Snider’s new club, The Embracers Club

by Lily Leach and Hannah Black

A new club has been created at Snider! The Embracers Club, created by Elijah Conley, is all about embracing  one another and making Snider a better place. By getting to know their fellow students, and fundraising for good causes, they hope to improve the atmosphere.

Guidance counselor Mrs. Lutz said her children are involved in a similar club at their grade school, and it has been beneficial in changing the mindset of the students. Teacher Ms. Friend said people will most likely be hesitant at first because there has never been anything like this at Snider before. However, she says that it will be a substantial step towards changing the struggle of accepting people for their unique and wonderful differences.

 In the efforts to change Snider and make it a better place, we hope that The Embracers Club will be successful. 

The Embracers Club creator, Elijah Conley

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