What Are Snider Students Listening To?

By Emily McCoy

With 2021 beginning, many people are looking back on their most watched videos and liked pictures of this past year. Spotify, a popular music and podcast site, is no exception to this yearly trend. A few Snider students submitted their top songs, podcasts, and more.

What were your top 3 songs of 2020? 

NASA by Ariana Grande, Thank u Next 

Boyfriend by Ariana Grande, no album 

Honeymoon Avenue by Ariana Grande, Yours Truly

-Alex Zepeda, Junior

Talk too much by Coin, How Will You Know if You Never Try

Pink Lemonade by The Wombats, Glitterbug 

Good News by Mac Miller, Circles

-Claire McCoy, Junior

I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys, AM 

When The Sun Goes Down by Artic Monkeys, Whatever People Say I Am 

Rock Bottom by Grandson, A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3

-Tristan Brooks, Senior

Are there any Podcasts that you would recommend? 

“I don’t listen to many but Teenager Therapy is one I’ve enjoyed because it gives me the platform to hear people my age talking about what’s going on in the world.”

-Jay Weber, Sophomore

Today In True Crime because it’s interesting to know the things people can get away with and what they can’t.”

-Grace Sponseller, Junor

“My favorite podcast would be Welcome to Night Vale because it’s just about a radio show in strange town in the middle of a desert. Nothing really makes sense there, and that’s the point. The storyline is actually pretty good, and the writers of the podcast have actually produced four books that go along with the plot of the podcast.”

-Alisa Gomez, Senior

Are there any Artists that you would recommend? 

“I recommend Mitski because all of her songs are beautiful and she has songs for every mood.”

-Avery Comparet, Junior

I recommend Ricky Montgomery because he makes really lowkey music thats super good and some of it is very relatable to teenagers.”

Morgan Keller, Junior

If you’re looking for chill, soft songs to listen to, Cavetown your person. His style of music is very mellow, with deep messages inside each song.”

-Zoë Mossburg, Senior

What does music mean to you?

It allows me to not only express myself in ways words cannot, but it provides an escape from reality, a reality which is full of many rough moments and experiences.”

Adesewa Ogunsusi, Junior

Music gives me so much adrenaline and anytime I feel a bit down I put on my favorite songs and start jamming out!”

-Emma Bedwell, Senior

It can relax, distract, entertain, or even send me to sleep. Without it life would feel significantly more boring. I can put on headphones and visualize a story using songs, giving me somewhere new to daydream to every time.”

Savannah Copeland, Sophomore

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