Where’s the beef? School lunches lack nutritional value for students

Back in 2010, the Obama Administration changed the school nutrition standards making them more healthy with whole grains and less salt. That was when school lunches were good. Then in 2017, the Trump Administration eased up on some of the requirements.  

The lunches at Snider have gradually gotten better as new things have been added to the menu. Some of the new items include the burrito bowl and the popcorn chicken bowl but are they not nutritious. 

The burrito bowl consists of an edible corn shell bowl or a flour tortilla with ground beef or chicken, taco beans and cheese. Yet it is small and not filling.  

Unlike the burrito bowl, the popcorn chicken bowl is a very filling main dish consisting of mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, popcorn chicken and cheese.  

On the other hand, some entrees are not as filling as meal requirements were changed in between the administrations. As a result, the school meal planning is compromised which, causes the meal quality to go downhill.  

Comparing school lunches to France, students typically eat a four-course lunch (cucumber salad w/ vinaigrette, salmon lasagna with spinach, fondue with baguette for dipping and fruit compote for dessert) while, they have the lowest obesity rate in the Western world. Students in France also get two hours to eat and socialize. 

A typical lunch for all high schools within Fort Wayne Community Schools consists of a spicy chicken sandwich, French fries, choice of vegetable, choice of fruit and a cookie with only thirty minutes to eat and socialize.  

Overall, school lunches have decreased in nutritional value since the Trump Administration eased the meal standards by allowing for less whole grain foods and more salt. 

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